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 Queen Elizabeth Class - Contracts          
Construction Contracts
 Date  Delivery            Value
30-Nov-07  4 x Wartsila 16V38 Diesel Engines and 4 x Wartsila 12V38 Diesel Engines    £      18,500,000.00
12-Dec-07  Tex Special Projects Ltd (Ipswich) to build and install “Flyco” flying control rooms     £        1,000,000.00
16-Jan-08  Steelwork for bow sections of the two carriers, to be carried out at Babcock's Appledore Shipyard  £      50,000,000.00
16-Jan-08  Modular cabins and wet spaces, McGill Services Ltd      £      23,000,000.00
16-Jan-08  Furniture to be installed throughout the ships, McGill Services Ltd      £        4,400,000.00
16-Jan-08  Aircraft electrical supplies equipment, Ultra Electronics PMES (Rugeley, Staffs)    £        4,000,000.00
16-Jan-08  Doors and hatches, McGeoch Marine Ltd (Inchinnan, Renfrewshire)    £        3,900,000.00
16-Jan-08  Galley equipment, Kempsafe Ltd (Southampton);         £        3,400,000.00
16-Jan-08  Windows, Tex Special Projects Ltd (Ipswich)        £        1,300,000.00
04-Mar-08  80,000 tonnes of steel from Corus        £      65,000,000.00
04-Mar-08  Aviation fuel systems equipment to allow the fuelling and de-fuelling of embarked aircraft.  £        4,000,000.00
04-Mar-08  Blown Fibre Optic Cable Plant (BFOCP) technology for the installation of optical cables  £        3,000,000.00
04-Mar-08  Reverse osmosis equipment which will produce over 500 tonnes of fresh water daily  £        1,000,000.00
03-Apr-08  MacTaggart Scott to provide aircraft lifts for 2 x carriers      £      13,000,000.00
03-Jul-08  Construction of sections of both ships by BVT Surface Fleet at Govan / Clyde / Portsmouth  £ 1,325,000,000.00
03-Jul-08  Construction of the Bow section and final assembly and completion of the ships by Babcock Marine  £    675,000,000.00
03-Jul-08  Design and engineering for Thales UK;         £    425,000,000.00
03-Jul-08  Construction of sections of the ships at the BAE Systems yard at Clyde    £    300,000,000.00
03-Jul-08  Design and supply of Mission Systems for BAE Systems Integrated Systems Technologies (Insyte)  £    275,000,000.00
01-Sep-08  Construction and fitting of Mechanised Weapons handling      £      34,000,000.00
01-Sep-08  Uptake/Downtake Systems          £        8,000,000.00
01-Sep-08  Air Traffic Control software          £        5,000,000.00
01-Sep-08  Wholeship Pump Integration          £        3,000,000.00
01-Sep-08  Emergency Diesel Generators          £        1,000,000.00
06-Oct-08  Converteam to provide Generators        £    113,000,000.00
06-Oct-08  Rolls Royce to provide 4 x MT30          £      83,000,000.00
06-Oct-08  Converteam to privde Power Control and Monitoring      £      26,000,000.00
06-Oct-08  Rolls Royce to provide Rudders and Stabalisers        £      13,000,000.00
23-Mar-09  Insulation systems by Ticon Ltd UK        £      57,000,000.00
23-Mar-09  Communication systems by Thales UK        £      25,000,000.00
23-Mar-09  Water treatment by the Ormandy Group, Bradford      £        1,000,000.00
07-Sep-09  12,000 valves by Score Marine Ltd, Peterhead        £      16,000,000.00
07-Sep-09  Integrated Waste Management system managed by Babcock Strachan and Henshaw in Bristol  £      15,000,000.00
07-Sep-09  Ship lighting and lighting distribution panels by McGeoch Technology Ltd, based in Birmingham  £        3,000,000.00
09-Nov-09  Construction of sections of both ships by A&P Tyne      £      55,000,000.00
14-Jan-10  Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning from Imtech Marine and Offshore Ltd in Billingham  £    120,000,000.00
14-Jan-10  Paint and scaffolding for the build process, Ship Support Services Ltd    £    105,000,000.00
14-Jan-10  Transport of sections of the ship, Henry Abrams        £      85,000,000.00
14-Jan-10  Fixed fire fighting systems, Tyco        £      15,000,000.00
14-Jan-10  2,500km of cabling to be installed, AEI Cables         £        8,000,000.00
26-Jan-10  Construction of the Flight Deck sections for both ships by Cammell Laird, Birkenhead  £      44,000,000.00
04-Apr-10  Design, build and integration of engine housings, Callum Detuners Ltd of Derby    £        5,000,000.00
04-Apr-10  Preservation and flushing services of pipework, Aker Qserv in Aberdeen     £        5,000,000.00
04-Apr-10  Folding fire barriers, Darchem in Stockton on Tees      £        2,600,000.00
04-Apr-10  Design and build the ships’ Pole Masts, BAe Systems      £        1,200,000.00
04-Apr-10  Cable organisation, Cablofil in Sutton Weaver         £             80,000.00
06-Apr-10  Tactical communications systems from Thales UK, Crawley      £        6,000,000.00
06-Apr-10  Design and manufacture of enclosures for Rolls-Royce MT30s from Cullum Detuners Ltd   £        5,000,000.00
16-Nov-11  Contract for Long lead items for 2x EMALS and 1x AAG set      $    200,000,000.00
-  Advanced visual landing aids          £        7,500,000.00
-  Detailed design of Integrated Navigation and Bridge System by Northrup Grumman    £        1,000,000.00
               £ 4,063,880,000.00
(a) Key:
Vessel construction  £ 2,941,200,000.00
Combat | Communications | Air Systems  £    318,500,000.00
Propulsion System  £    272,500,000.00
Ship Systems  £    217,400,000.00
Internal fittings  £    124,280,000.00