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UK Operations -  Iraq 2003
20-Mar An assault on Al Faw peninsula is preceded by an artillery barrage from 29 Regiment Field Artillery and naval gun fire from HMS Malborough, HMS Chatham and HMS Richmond and HMAS Anzac from the Australian Navy.
3 Commando Brigade assault the Al Faw peninsula. 40 Commando were inserted by Sea Kings from 845 & 847 Squadrons on HMS Ocean and Chinooks from 8 Squadron RAF on HMS Ark Royal, whilst 42 Commando moved on land from Kuwait to take up blocking positions. Air support was provided by Harrier GR7s.
21-Mar 16 Air Assault Brigade secure the Rumaylah oilfields. 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment deploy to the south advancing in Land Rovers whilst 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment deploy to the north.
British SAS troops attack H2 and H3 airfields in Western Iraq. One week prior to the attack, 12 members of the SAS were dropped near Rutba moving on foot to take up Observation Posts to monitor Republican Guard activity. The assault was conducted by B and G Squadrons who were inserted by Chinook helicopters along with Land Rovers and Quad Bikes to conduct high speed raids on the airfields. Battles continued for 48 hours before 1,000 paratroops from US 82nd Airborne and Australian SAS were air dropped to secure the airfields.
RAF Tornado GR4s attack Iraqi forces in Al Kut.
2 x RAF Harrier GR7s joined the US 3rd Infantry's attack to secure a bridge at An Nasiriyah
A US CH-47 Sea Knight helicopter crashed on the Kuwait border with the loss of four US personnel and eight members of 3 Commando Brigade: Colour Sergeant John Cecil, Royal Marines; Lance Bombardier Llywelyn Karl Evans, 29 Royal Artillery; Captain Philip Stuart Guy, Royal Marines; Marine Sholto Hedenskog, Royal Marines; Sergeant Les Hehir, 29 Royal Artillery; Op Mech (Coms) Second Class Ian Seymour RN, 148 Battery Royal Artillery; Warrant Officer Second Class Mark Stratford, Royal Marines; Major Jason Ward, Royal Marines. 
22-Mar 'G' Battery, 7 Royal Horse Artillery provide supporting fire to US 2nd Marine Division as they capture two bridges over the Euphrates at An Nasiriyah.
An RAF Harrier GR7 successfully engaged and destroyed a Scud Mobile Launcher using Maverick missiles
At around 0130 GMT on 22 March, two Royal Navy Sea King Mk 7 AEW helicopters collided over the northern Arabian Gulf with the loss of one US crew member and six members of 849 Squadron, Royal Navy: Lieutenant Philip D Green RN, Lieutenant Antony King RN, Lieutenant Marc A Lawrence RN, Lieutenant Philip West RN, Lieutenant James Williams RN, Lieutenant Andrew S Wilson RN.
23-Mar The 'D' Company, The Black Watch Battle Group attack Iraqi forces in Az Zubayar
Flight Lieutenant Kevin Barry Main, Pilot and Flight Lieutenant David Rhys Williams, Navigator from IX (B) Squadron RAF were killed when their Tornado GR4 was shot down by a US Patriot missle whilst returning from a sortee
Sapper Luke Allsopp, 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) and Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth from 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) were killed when the Land Rover they were travelling was ambushed by Iraqi Forces.
7th Armored Brigade secure Basrah Airport
24-Mar Zulu Company, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers enter village of Al Shaba, as a symbolic act of victory, Mjr Duncan McSporran demolished a statue of Saddam by knocking it down with his Warrior IFV.
RAF Harrier GR7s provided close air suppport for the 3rd BCT of the US 3rd Infantry Division as attack the 11th Iraqi Infantry Division and capture an airfield at Talil.
Sergeant Steven Mark Roberts, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment was killed near Az Zubayr
L-Cpl Barry Stephen, The Black Watch was killed by an RPG as he defended his troop having climbed on to the turret of his Warrior to engage Iraqi forces.
25-Mar 3 Commando Brigade destroy 19 x T-55s with MILANs and Attack Helicopters
A Warrior IFV from 'D' Company, The Black Watch was driven into a house in Az Zubayr in which several Baath Party officials were sleeping. 7 Iraqi soldiers were killed as the dismounted troops swept through the building and a key Baath Party member was arrested.
Corporal Stephen John Allbutt and Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke from Queen's Royal Lancers were killed when their Challenger was  hit by another Challenger from the Black Watch Battle Group near a bridge over the Shatt Al-Basrah
26-Mar RAF Tornado GR4s attack the Medina Division of the Republican Guard on the outskirts of Baghdad
27-Mar 'C' Squadron, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Challenger 2s destroyed 14 x Iraqi T-55s and 2 x Infantry Positions whilst moving to support 3 Commando Brigade.
28-Mar RFA Sir Galahad docks at Umm Qasr carrying 200 tonnes of aid
RAF Tornado GR4s of 12 & 617 Squadrons, supported by Tornado F3s of 11 Squadron destroyed a colomn of Iraqi Tanks as they attacked out of Basra
Tornado GR4 and Harrier GR7s conduct a bombing mission against Iraqi forces 40 miles south-east of Baghdad destroying eight vehicles.
Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull from 'D' Squadron, Blues and Royals Cavalry Regiment was killed when his Scimitar was attacked by a US A10
29-Mar 7th Armored Brigade raid Basra destroying 5 tanks and 2 statues
30-Mar In a 14 hour battle, 3 Companies from 40 Commando Royal Marines accompanied by 'C' Squadron, Scots Dragoon Guards secure Abu al Khasib. Artillery fire was provided by a Battery from 29 Field Artillery Regiment and air cover was provided by RAF Harrier GR7s. Four T-55s and a bunker were destroyed. A company from 42 Commando was flown in by helicopter to block escape routes from the town. 14 marines were reported to have been injured in the attack.
Two batteries of AS-90 destroyed 21 Iraqi armored vehicles that were massing north of the Shatt Al-Arab posing a threat to 40 Commando's operation.
A spokesman for British forces in the Persian Gulf region, said Royal Marine commando units staged raids to target militiamen and soldiers who continue to control Basra. Targets included five Iraqi military officers, including a general. The commandos also killed a Republican Guard colonel who British officials believe was sent to Basra to "try and strengthen the resolve among the Baath Party militia and the paramilitaries that are operating in the area." 
Marine Christopher R Maddison, 9 Assault Squadron Royal Marines was killed whilst patrolling the River Zubayr south of Check Point Bella
31-Mar 16 Air Assault Brigade and 7th Armored Brigade destroy 17 x T-55s, 7 x APCs & 5 x Artillery Guns
2 Kenyan delivery drivers are freed by The Black Watch Battle from a compound near Az Zubayr
01-Apr UK Troops seize Az Zubayr
Lance Corporal Karl Shearer and Lieutenant Alexander Tweedie, Household Cavalry Regiment were killed in an accident in their Scimitar CVR.
03-Apr Irish Guards of the Scots Dragoon Guards Battle Group supported by Lynx helicopters cross a bridge over the Shatt al-Basra. Entering a Basra suburb they destroy a T-55 and a bunker before setting up defensive positions.
Aggressive patrolling on the outskirts of Basra resulted in the discovery and seizure of 56 x Short-range Ballistic Missiles and 4 x launchers in the vicinity of Az Zubayr
05-Apr UK Forces advance further into Basrah
06-Apr Sensing that the conditions were favourable, Egypt Squadron 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (Black Watch Battle Group) began advancing into Basra from the west. After destroying a mined lorry, T-55 and two bunkers they were followed by two Companies from the 1st Battalion The Black Watch who secured a number of compounds.
Fusilier Kelan John Turrington from Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was killed by a booby trap whilst conducting operations to secure Basrah.
Lance Corporal Ian Keith Malone and Piper Christopher Muzvuru were killed in action in Basrah
07-Apr 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment enter Basrah's Old Town
09-Apr 7th Armored Brigade advance north to Al Amarah
14-Apr 1 US MD hand over control of Amarah to UK Forces      
15-Apr British troops secure Al Qurnah